Adam and Eve

You are all familiar with the story of Adam and Eve, I presume.
Did you ever stop to consider how similar the story is to most newly developed products?

First there was Adam, God created him with two hands, two legs, broad shoulders, I imagine, nice looking body with one completely useless appendix, but put together it made a appealing package or prototype.
Then Adam sneezed, because it was hay fever season in Paradise, and instantly looked like a pitiful little boy. God looked at it, and thought to Himself, that this wasn't quite what He had aimed for.
So He took the one feature of the prototype that did function correctly, the rib, and created the woman, Eve.
In stead of one useless appendix, He now added two milk producing bumps that would make her able to nurture a child, without any outside help. And He added mental strength, brains, the ability to become pregnant, the ability to endure heavy pains and dismissing them, and last but not least the ability to communicate.
In short, a completely different product than the prototype.

Now, here's the difference between most manufacturors, and God. The former would leave it at this, but here's His superiority. He now looked at Adam and Eve, looked at the tree with the apples, and knew that they would try an apple sooner or later. And when that happened, Eve would never go for Adam, the two being as incompatible as they were at that moment.
He changed the useless appendix, so it would become an important part of the birth process, and in Eve He planted the desire to want..... no, not babies, but curiousity, and an instant desire to own, and use every new item that caught her eye, forgoing all intellect (sorry ladies, but truth must be told), making her want to have, have, have....

If you look beyond your hurt feelings for a moment, ladies, just think of the last item your man bought, without consulting you, you will realize that it was before he met you. The moral of this story being, men: be thankful for women, because they not only enable you to produce and manufacture useless items, that after being bought will be stored on a shelf for the rest of time, they are also the only reason you are still on this planet....

© 2001 Bertine Centen-Nieuwenkamp