There are a great many things I don't understand. About human nature, I mean. Why, for example, is there no problem whatsoever to talk about sex, and what we do and don't do in the bedroom, but at the same time we get offended if somebody wants to know what we make a month?
And why are feminists condemning the things they preach?
Just think about it for a moment.
Every feminist I've ever seen or heard, will get furious about posing for Playboy or Penthouse, or even more explicit magazines. They will preach about, how pictures like those are degrading to women, and humiliating. That women are intelligent beings, capable of doing whatever they want to achieve. That women should be or do whatever they want to be or do.
Now would someone please explain to me how the following can be degrading or humiliating, or in any way turning them into less intelligent beings:
A woman is approached and asked to pose for Playboy. She is wined and dined, stuck in the most gorgeous outfits, payed a pretty sum, and subsequently revered and wanted by million of men all over the world, who will treat her as a goddess, would they ever be lucky enough to meet her, and all she has to do for that, is looking into the camera, like she has just been served a big plate of chocolate goodies.
Now tell me, who is being degrated and humiliated or dumb here? The woman, who has one hell of a day, and a hefty sum to top it all of, or the men, who are going completely out of their mind, howl like dogs, and make complete asses of themselves, losing all capability of uttering any intelligent remark, and willing to pay more or less anything, just for a bit of naked flesh.
And then there is the ambiguity of it all. I've seen talkshows where the host (or usually hostess) really gets agitated, when it comes to posing in such magazines, and how degrading it is, and two or three days later, they go out of their minds for Garth Brooks' butt, not for his talent or his singing voice, but for his rear end!
Hello! If that isn't a double standard, I don't know what is!
And let's face it, the women that pose in Playboy, Penthouse or Hustler, are not forced with a gun to their heads, now, are they? They have chosen to do this, because of the financial gain, probably, or maybe they just like the feeling it gives them. Whatever their reason may be, it is their choice, and those feminists that are ranting about women being independant and having the right to do whatever they want, are denying just that to these models.
I don't mind looking at a well shaped male body, hey, I'm a warm blooded woman, but, I don't mind men looking at well shaped female bodies either, especially when it's mine.
Hmmm, interesting, mayby we should ask those feminists what they think of men appreciating their bodies.... well, they just want to be respected for their minds. The poor things, because a man wanting you for your body, is the most empowering experience there is.

© 2001 Bertine Centen-Nieuwenkamp