Lately I feel very sad, whenever I see images of the renewed violence in Ireland, or Israel.
And not for what is happening, not for the victims, no, I get sad because it doesn't affect me anymore.

Not that what happens to these people doesn't affect me anymore, but seeing the footage on television, it just does not stirr any emotion anymore. And that saddens me, intensely.
I know I am not a bad person. I love my husband, my family, and friends. I worry if I haven't heared from them in a couple of days. I intensely feel for people who have just lost a loved one. But, as bad as it sounds, those images on tv, don't do anything for me anymore.

Something else that makes me sad is, when two hundred people try to save a whale or dolphin, that's washed ashore. It is great, of course, what these people are trying to do. But where are these people, when somebody is being beaten up, or drowning? They stand there and watch. But trying to help? No way....
God knows I am no Superwoman. But the least you could do, is call 911.

A few years ago, I was extremely lucky. When I was beaten up by two guys, there were a number of people around, who reacted to my cry for help. Sent their dogs. I don't know what would have happened if they hadn't.
I am talking about almost 16 years ago, I was beaten up, because I dared to make a remark about one of the two.

After this incident I vowed I would at least call the police if something happened, and to testify, if necessary. Fortunately, I haven't been forced to act on that vow.

And that makes me happy again, at least a little bit.

© 2001 Bertine Centen-Nieuwenkamp