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Hey There! Welcome (back).
If you've been here before, you can clearly see, I've got a new hobby: updating and changing my webpages every chance I get.
Even if you think the menu on the left hasn't changed, just look at the pages with links, quotes and columns. I update those about once a month. And every once in a while, I'll change this page, and the page with my personal facts.
Still not "yahoo"-quality yet, but I'm getting there! You heard Eeyore, when entering this site, by the way, it's not your computer, don't worry. He is of course Pooh's buddy.

I love (read: crave for) feed back (read: compliments), so if there's a link that doesn't work, or you just want to say "hi", feel free to mail me.

If you know your cars, you will recognise a Jeep on the background, my dreamcar. If you want to know more of these completely useless facts about me, click on "Personal Facts".

I'm not a huge banner lover, but below you will find a banner for Tolerance Unlimited, also check out their site.

It took me a long time to collect everything you will find on this site, and all the backgrounds were created by my husband and me, so: feel free to use anything you like, but be so kind as to share the credit.
Also, I asked Tolerance Unlimited for their approval, before placing their banner on my site, if you want to use it please check with them.
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