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Books, books, books
Harlequin PublishersWhat can I say? I'm addicted to romance novels.
Little House booksAll about the "Little House on the prairie" books.
Roald DahlHe can make you smile, or your skin crawl.
John GrishamThe most popular writer of the '90s, but he's still kicking.
Stephen KingMy favorite still is "It".
Enid BlytonI've read more of her books, than of any other author.
Charles DickensThe classic.
Louisa May Alcott"Little Women" still appeals to women of all ages.
L.M. Montgomery"Anne of Green Gables", if you don't know it, read it.
Harry Potter booksThe latest craze, and for good reason.
Extra! Extra! Read all about it!
Deventer DagbladThe daily from my home town.
Algemeen DagbladMy favorite national daily.
Het Financieel DagbladThe Dutch Financial Daily.
LA TimesThe Los Angeles Times, especially on Sunday with breakfast!
NY TimesThe New York Times