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A very short and compacted description of my life, is stated below. I also made a more statistical overview of what makes me tick, what I like, etcetera, just click here.

My life in a nutshell....
I was born on Easterday, 1970, or to be more precise, on March 29th. I wanted to celebrate Easter with my folks, who had been invited to lavish dinners for two days, but much to my disappointment, they stayed home after I arrived.

For the next 16 years I've been my grandmother's favorite, my teachers' pet, and my sister's nightmare... And then... I discovered computers. My mom had this grand idea that these weird things might stay around for a while, so she bought one for us. Not that one could do much with them. But we had Lotus 1-2-3, and Word Perfect, and a few games. Nowadays a simple calculator has more power than our computer had back then, but hey.... at least this one already ran on electricity instead of steam...

My mother saw with delight how we (my sister and I) spent day after day behind our computerscreen. But, there it was, the age-old fright of parents all over the world... We started to go out on dates... Gone were the dreams of two academic scholars, pioneering in the world of kB's, floppydiscs, and hard drives. My sister quickly settled down, had two kids, and is now rediscovering computers, she's the neighborhoods' helpdesk. I on the other hand spent the next years roaming the pubs and dancings trying to find "Mr. Right".

I found Gert-Jan in a dancing here in Deventer, we started talking, and discovered we lived about a 100/150 meters apart. Six months later we lived together, and we got married on June 14th, 1996. As he was, and still is a dj-ing systems administrator, I not only married my flesh and blood love, but also my love for music and my love for computers...

Oh, and on the background you see me, the way I look after working on my pages, or when I wake up, when I do the dishes, when I read, when I watch tv...