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I've never been one to follow a trend, or a hype. So, when everybody started to go crazy over some children's book, I refused to join in.
But, as one of my columns says, I cannot go without something to read. When on vacation in the States last year, and I desperately wanted something joyous to read, we were there from September 17th, I finally bought a Harry Potter book. And was hooked.
I couldn't wait to read the next, and the next, and when I had read them all, I started to search the net for news about the movie. I never go to a movie more than once, I usually just wait till it comes out on video or dvd, but this time I went twice. And I would have gone even more often, if I hadn't had all kinds of commitments.
Why am I telling you this? I have a wish list for the next couple of movies. Actors for the different parts, I mean. Some parts will have more than one name mentioned, that's just because I can see different people playing that.
In some cases I didn't keep to the "English actors only" rule, because the characters aren't English.
You will find them below, if you know anyone, you would rather see, or just an addition to the list, let me know.

Sirius BlackColin Firth
Rita SkeeterAnne Robinson
Judi Dench
Mad-Eye MoodyRichard Wilson
Sean Connery
Ludo BagmanBob Hoskins
Wormtail/PeterHugh Grant
LupinAnthony S. Head
Pierce Brosnan
KarkaroffJeroen Krabbé
Derek de Lint
Barty CrouchBen Kingsley
Mme. MaximeBrooke Shields
Catherine Zeta-Jones
I'm still searching for a good "Viktor Krum" and "Fleur Delacourt".