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I have no category to put these in, yet, so I just put them all together here.
Family and Friends
Trinske Kanon-NieuwenkampMy favorite and only sister, and family.
Eddy DibbinkMy good friend Eddy.
Dennis DamCheck and see (webcam) how my friend Dennis is doing.
Other Nerds
Jamie OliverBBC's The Naked Chef's own website.
Eric BreyOne of Holland's best comedians.
Geert HosteHe adresses subjects most comedians wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole.
The SmurfsThe smurfs smurfed their own web smurf.
Eat, Drink and Be Happy
Restaurant De KeizerskroonMy favorite restaurant, and site (guess why).
Luxor PlazaIn this club I met my Mr. Right.
If I were a rich woman....
JeepOh wow, I'm in love.
KiaI have some really nice memories of this car.
Rolls RoyceThese don't drive, they float on heavenly clouds.
New BeetleI'd like one with all the Pooh characters.
The sports I like (to watch)
SnookerThe site for all your snooker facts.
SchaatsenThe Dutch rule: speed skating.
Winnie the PoohThe exception to the rule, not an official site, but beautiful.
GarfieldOur cat is related to him, I think.
Fun links
The Oracle of BaconLink any actor to Kevin Bacon in 6 or less steps.
Oscarsand the Oscar goes to..., no; and the winner is...!