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A famous Dutch comedian once said: "I'll watch anything, as long as it moves!". Well, that pretty much describes the way I feel, too.
All of the links you will find here, are the official sites.
I'm still working on these pages, but it's already a pretty long list.

If you can't find your favorite show, and you know the official site, please let me know.
ABCThe inventors of "Who wants to be a millionaire".
BBCDoesn't everybody know the BBC?
BNNA fairly new station in Holland.
CBSI only use it for the political Pollwatch! Shhh...
CNNAll the information you want.
NBCThe home of Jay Leno, Will and Grace, and others.
NET5They broadcast my favorite shows in Holland.
PAX TVThe family friendly network.
The WBThe home of Charmed, Angel and others. Spoiler Alert!
Sitcom/Fun Shows
Dharma and GregThe weirdest couple on tv.
FrasierThe shrink who needs a shrink.
FriendsThis is the official Dutch Friends site.
FriendsStill going strong!
King of QueensWords fail me to describe this weird family.
NannyThe Nanny named Fran.
NikkiFor all who love fun, babes and wrestlers, so for all.
SabrinaThe teenage witch.
ScrubsPray you'll never end up in this hospital.
SeinfeldA very funny show, about absolutely nothing.
Sex and the CityEvery man would like to know these girls.
Spin CityEvery city's worst nightmare.
The Weakest LinkYou love or you hate it, I love it!
Will and GraceThe sexiest new comedy out there!
A little bit of everything
Boston PublicIt's fun, it's friction, it's your typical high school.
Early EditionI would take advantage, wouldn't you?
ERLike you don't know this.
Gilmore GirlsA mom and a daughter, but which is which...?
Strong MedicineTwo strong women, good thing it's set in a hospital.
Science Fiction
AndromedaThe latest Gene Roddenberry show.
The Outer LimitsAll things weird and creepy.
The PretenderA good looking genius, who must keep running.
SlidersWill they ever get home?
StargateWho wouldn't want such a gate?
Star TrekThe godfather of all Sci-Fi series.
The X-filesIf you don't know this one, you're not of this earth.
There's more between heaven and earth
AngelHe can take a bite out of me anytime!
Buffy the Vampire SlayerShe slays demons, and looks good doing it.
CharmedThree beautiful ladies kicking some demon butt.
Mysterious WaysThree people investigate miracles.
Poltergeist - The LegacyThe Dutch are everywhere. Derek and friends fight evil.
RoswellThey are already here, and living in Roswell of all places!
Touched by an AngelFour angels are trying to make the world a better place.
Murder in Mind
Diagnosis MurderThe doctor has a hazardous hobby: chasing murderers.
Law and OrderThe real "cop-show", they don't always get a conviction.
Nash BridgesSonny Crockett but now a grown up version.
Loveable Lawyers
Ally McBealWacky lawyers, and even wackyer cases.
Family LawThe show that stopped my longing for LA Law.
JAGI like Harm, my husband Mac, everybody happy...
The PracticeThe serious version of Ally McBeal.
The AvengersWho doesn't remember Steed and Mrs. Peel?
Charlies AngelsThe film site, but you remember the series, right?
The Dukes of HazzardHIIIIIHAAA! Every girl would like to know these men.
Knight RiderHe'll be back soon!
Magnum P.I.Tall, humor, and dimples, do they get any sexier?
MashMy favorite was Radar, who was yours?
Scarecrow and Mrs. KingI'm still enjoying reruns of this unlikely partnership.
Starsky and HutchYou had to watch it to be hip.
Young Troubles
Heartbreak HighFirst class Australian series about high school.
MadisonThe loves, lives, and heartaches of Canadian teenagers.
Dawson's CreekEven in a small town, you can have big troubles.
They're all talk
The Tonight Show... with Jay Leno.
OprahThe First Lady of Television.
Jerry SpringerHey, need I say more?