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All the quotes and one-liners you'll find here, are concocted by me.
Any resemblance to other people's quotes, is purely coincidental. Before using them, ask my permission.
People you admire may not always be your friends, but your friends are always people you admire.

Being happy is 10% feeling it and 90% realising it.

The difference between smoking and living:
Smoking might kill you, living will.

Life is like a rain storm, if you stay inside, you'll never notice it.

It takes a good man, to decide to become a better man.
(With reference to Robbie Williams' song "Better Man")

If deciding over life or death should be left up to God, why did He let us invent weaponry?

Why conform when you can shock?

If Hell exists, I'm in big trouble...

People always want to break the rules, so DO thank God for the ten commandments, or this place would have been boring!

I have some physical problems (my back and stuff), so I once said to my dad: "You haven't done a very good job of making me!" To which he replied: "Talk to your mother, I supplied all the building materials, she is responsible for putting them together..."

Those who say they never lie, just did.

If God creats man in his image, how can some churches denounce homosexuality?

It never was or never will be my intention to hurt or offend anybody, with my quotes. All texts here displayed, are written with the intend to entertain, or make you think. If I, however, for some reason have offended you, I'm sorry to lose you as a visitor.