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Watching movies is one of the ways I spent my spare time. You'll find some of my favorites here.

8 MillimeterHold on to your stomach.
American BeautyIt deserves the credits it got.
Back to the FutureStill funny.
Being John MalkovichA bit weird, but very good.
BiodomeToo stupid for words, but funny!
Blast from the PastIt's life, but not as he knows it.
Bridget Jones' DiaryYou've got to love this neurotic British lass.
City of AngelsI hate and love this movie, watch it and know why.
Conspiracy TheoryMel Gibson seems to be completely mad, or is he?
Coyote UglyThe bar I'd like to work.
From Dusk till DawnVampires and golden hearted criminals.
EraserSchwarzenegger at his best.
Erin BrockovichJulia Roberts deserved every ounce of that Oscar.
Galaxy QuestStar Trek and Star Wars lovers will recognise themselves!
Get ShortyA quality cast always pays off.
Gone in 60 SecondsGreat cars, great actors.
GreaseYes, the one and only.
HackersSolid story, solid cast, and it shows.
Harry PotterThe first movie will be released on video soon.
Leaving Las VegasGreat, great, great.
Legally BlondePretty funny, literally.
Life of BrianA great Monty Python movie.
Mask of ZorroAntonio Banderas. Need I say more?
Men in BlackTommy Lee Jones, with Will Smith, part II is coming.
Miss CongenialitySandra's a nerd again, but worse this time.
Mrs. WinterbourneLove blooms between Brendan Fraser and Ricki Lake.
My Fair LadyAin't tha a nice movie, love?
Never been KissedAs if! Nice comedy with Drew Barrymore.
Notting HillFunny, romantic, top quality.
Pay it ForwardSome think it's mushy, I just wished it were true.
Proof of LifeGreat movie, even greater for Dick Francis fans...
ScreamFinally, horror is taken seriously.
Sleepy HollowHorror from centuries ago, with current special effects.
Spy KidsJames and Jane Bond junior, but fun!
Star WarsSci-Fi, as if you didn't know.
The American PresidentA guide to dating if you're the President of the US.
The Full MontyThe least likely lads pull it off, literally.
The MatrixPart II is coming.
The MummyThe Mummy is back, with a vengeance.
The NetThriller, starring Sandra Bullock as a nerd.
The Thomas Crown AffairPerfect remake.
The Whole Nine YardsThrilling comedy with Bruce Willis and Matthew Perry.
Three to TangoUsually it just takes two, but not in this case.
Tigger MovieI saw it 6 times on the plane, and it's still funny.
Tomb RaiderShe is Lara Croft.
U-571Saw it, loved it.
U.S. MarshalsTommy Lee Jones, yummie.
VolcanoHey, look it's Tommy Lee Jones!
What women wantMel Gibson is gonna find out!
Who is Corky?I don't think I want him to try to save me.
X-menThe comic has come to life.
HitchcockNo specific movie, just a lot of Hitchcock.
Internet Movie DataBaseThe Bible for movie lovers.