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Like so many of you, I want to know more about the people who make the characters come to life. A lot of actors, and actresses, some are, sadly enough, no longer among us, but because I still admire them and their work, I included them.
All the sites you see here, are official sites, either made or endorsed by the actor or actress.
If you can't find your favorite actor, or actress, and you know the official site, please let me know.
Star Trek Actors
Robert BeltranFans think Chakotay doesn't get enough airtime.
Roxann DawsonOne of the hot ladies on Voyager, B'elanna Torres.
Robert McNeillAccording to this is Tom Paris' official site.
Kate says this is Cpt. Janeway's official site.
Ethan PhillipsEthan Phillips Fanclubs page  Neelix on Voyager.
Robert PicardoAnd they say this is The Doctor's official site.
Scarlett PomersThe youngest member of the crew, Naomi Wildman.
Tim RussTim RussWebpage  Tuvok on Star Trek Voyager.
Jeri RyanSeven of Nine, need I say more?
Marina SirtisDeanna also still qualifies as a sci-fi babe.
Garret WangThe site for Garrett Wang, a.k.a. Ensign Harry Kim
The Muppets
The MuppetsKermy, Miss Piggy, Fonzy, Gonzo, Rizzo, all of them!
Will and Grace
Eric McCormackLately best known as Will from Will and Grace.
Megan MullallyThe ever gracefull Karen from Will and Grace.
Debbie ReynoldsAs Graces mother, she's once again able to shine.
Brian KrauseThe charming white-lighter of Charmed.
Alyssa MilanoWho's the boss now?
Ally McBeal
Peter MacNicolAlly McBeal's biscuit's official site.
Portia DeRossiShe's more charming than Nelle.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Amber BensonThis beautiful young lady, is Willow's love interest Tara.
Nicholas BrendonXander on Buffy. Special thanks to the webmaster!
Seth GreenHe is not a regular anymore, I still think of him as "Oz".
Alyson HanniganA very accomplished actress, now plays Willow on Buffy.
James MarstersSpike is one of Buffy's good guys now, sort of.
David BoreanazFirst he was Angel-on-Buffy, now he's just Angel.
Andy HalletEven green and karaoke-ing, he's attractive.
J. August RichardsFirst after Angel, now behind Angel, Gunn's blazin'.
Other well-known actors
Jennifer AnistonOne of the beautiful friends.
Ed Begley Jr."St. Elsewhere", "ST Voyager", "She-Devil", take your pick.
Bruce CampbellHere best known as Autolycus from "Xena" and "Hercules".
Stephen CollinsI'm in seventh heaven every time I see him.
Timothy DaltonThe Bond I like best.
Dom DeLuiseHe is a cook, too, and it shows.
Michael DouglasBeautiful wife, good carreer, some guys have all the luck.
Carrie FisherI actually know her best from "When Harry Met Sally".
Michael J. FoxWhat he lacks in height, he makes up for in greatness.
Brendan FraserSexy, cute, good dancer, funny, great actor, should I go on?
French and SaundersThey are responsible for AbFab.
Jennie GarthThis is the site for Kelly of "BH90210"....
Melissa GilbertA.k.a. Laura from "Little House on the Prairie".
Whoopi GoldbergOne of Hollywoods funniest.
Kelsey GrammerThe crazy shrink in real life.
Erin GrayBidibidibidi, she has done (and does) more than Buck Rogers.
Melanie GriffithA beauty that is not just skin deep.
David HasselhoffSoon he returns as "Michael Knight", check TV links.
Audrey HepburnA fair lady, but died far too young.
Jennifer Love HewittIt started with Party of Five, the rest is history.
Helen HuntMad about Helen...
Don JohnsonHe grows older; his sex appeal just grows.
Martin KempThe musician from Spandau Ballet, is an actor nowadays.
Terry Knox"St. Elsewhere" or "Tour of Duty", you'll know him.
Bernie KopellDoc from the "Love Boat".
The Lawrence brothersThree very talented (and creepily identical) young men.
Judith LightThe Boss on Who's the Boss.
Howie MandelAgain "St. Elsewhere", but also a great comedian.
Stefanie PowersStill has a big heart.
Joe RoganBest known for his portrayal of "Joe" on "Newsradio".
Arnold SchwarzeneggerHe's never been gone.
Will SmithAs fresh as ever.
Jimmy StewartThe Legend.
John TravoltaWe met him on Grease.
Robert WagnerThe other half of "Heart to Heart".
Denzel WashingtonRemember St. Elsewhere?
Nick WechslerYou might have seen him in "Team Knight Rider", or in the more known "Roswell".
James WoodFabulous actor, very underrated.
Tom WopatLuke Duke from the Dukes of Hazzard
Madeline Zima"Gracie" from "The Nanny", all grown up.