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If you keep thinking you should know "Norman Briggs" (Michael Tucci) from "Diagnosis Murder" from somewhere, just watch the movie "Grease" again, he played "Sonny".

James Marsters plays big bad "Spike" on "Buffy, the Vampire Slayer" and those who know him, won't believe that in 4th grade he played the character "Eeyore", the loveable, loomy, lonely blue donkey.

My quotes you can find on an other page, but here's one from Kevin Spacey discussing occasional misconceptions by women that he is gay: "For them it's a challenge. They want to be the one to turn me around. I let them."

Before becoming an award-winning actor, Russell Crowe was a member of a rock 'n roll band, and called himself "Russ le Roq".

Mrs. McGonagall (Dame Maggie Smith) and Madam Hooch (Zoë Wanamaker) were no strangers to Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe), they already had worked together on a BBC adaptation of "David Copperfield".

Back in 1993, when none of us had heared of this big star, Haley Joel Osment starred in an ad for Pizza Hut.

Although best known for playing a doctor on both "China Beach" and "Star Trek: Voyager", Robert Picardo didn't do all that bad as the extraordinarily hairy rockstar "Randall Skylar" on the episode "Three little spies", from the series "Scarecrow and Mrs. King".

If you're a "Boston Public" fan, and would like a good laugh, go see "Outrageous Fortune" again, with Shelley Long and Bette Midler. You will see a very young Mr. Guber, with very long hair!

They hardly met in "Buffy, the vampire slayer", and when they did they had to dislike eachother, but Tara (Amber Benson) and Faith (Eliza Dushku), already worked together in the 1995 movie "Bye Bye Love", they played good friends.

When Giles' (the character portrayed by Anthony S. Head, in "Buffy, the vampire slayer") sordid past came up and they needed a picture of him in a band, they stuck a photo of Anthony's 17-year old head onto the body of Sid Vicious.

Olivia Newton-John was sewn into her (hot) pants on the set, because that was the only way they could get her in those tight pants! Oh, and in case you've forgotten, I am talking about the outfit she is wearing in the final scenes of "Grease".

Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia from Star Wars) in the BBC's "I love 1977" about "Star Wars": "Yes, it's a good movie, but.... get a life!"

Sarah Jessica Parker and Cynthia Nixon are beautiful, sexy ladies from the sitcom "Sex and the City". But watch the 1982(!) movie "My body, my child", and you'll see them as the teenage sisters Katy and Nancy Cabrizi.

Wagons East!, a rather silly western spoof, also John Candy's last movie, also starred Ethan Phillips and Robert Picardo, a.k.a. Neelix and The Doctor in Star Trek Voyager.

Both Alyson Hannigan and Seth Green (Willow and Oz in Buffy) are to be admired in "My stepmother is an alien".

Again John Candy, but this time as the bad guy in the 1980 movie "The courage of Kavik". The man we know and love as the personification of good humour and a kind heart, is actually pretty convincing as a conniving, mean and back stabbing s.o.b.

For the Gwyneth Paltrow lovers out there: take a look at "Hook", she can be, although briefly, admired as the young Wendy.

Bill Paxton - Bill in "Twister" - is the same guy, as the obnoxious big bother in the movie "Weird Science".

George Clooney started his career with parts in several tv-series, one of the more famous ones is "Roseanne", where he played her boss.

Talking of a young George Clooney, if you ever catch the movie "The Harvest" (1993), look out for the transvestite (blond wig). Yep! This is George Clooney too....

And staying with George Clooney, ten years before he became famous with E.R., there was a sitcom in which he starred. It was staged in the ... Emergency Room of an hospital in .... Chicago, sound familiar? Well, it was called E/R!

Eliza Dushku, nowadays very well known for her portrayal of "Faith" in "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", is no stranger to danger, she was Jamie Lee Curtis' and Arnold Schwarzenegger's daughter in "True Lies".

William Daniels, lately most known as Mr. George Feeny on "Boy Meets World" and Dr. Mark Craig on "St. Elsewhere", is also the voice of KITT, the car every man dreamed of, on "Knight Rider".

Olivia Newton-John's blond love interest in "Grease" is a total dork, we liked him a lot better in "Falcon Crest" and "Reno". I am, of course, talking about Lorenzo Lamas.

Robin Wright-Penn selects her parts very carefully nowadays, but there was a time bills just had to be paid, so playing "Kelly" in "Santa Barbara" (Hollywoods shortest soapseries in history I guess) didn't seem like such a bad idea.

An other actor who needed to bring home the bacon in 1985, was Bronson Pinchot. Way before "Perfect Strangers" he played a part in the movie "Hot Resort" a soft erotic tale about two waiters and their love interests.

Levar Burton is the actor a lot of us know as "Geordi LaForge" from "Star Trek: Next Generation". Just a handfull know that he had a small part in Cameo's video for the song "The Word Up".

When Robert Picardo (The Doctor from Star Trek: Voyager) visited Holland in the autumn of 1999, a Dutch lady took a long look at him, and then exclaimed: "You're the doctor from China Beach!"

Nominated for best kiss in a motion picture at the MTV Movie Awards 1998: Kevin Kline and Tom Selleck in In and Out.

Tommy Lee Jones shared a room with former Vice President of the USA Al Gore.

In "Face Off" during the chase on foot on the docks, someone's mobil phone is ringing!

One of the best lines in Scream II is a reply from Courtney Cox. Someone remarks that he/she saw nude photos of Gale on the net, to which she replies: "No, they just put my head on Jennifer Annistons body".

Remember the valet boy in Beverly Hills Cop II? Well, if you watch the movie again, you'll see it's Chris Rock, now one of America's favorite stand up comedians.

What is it that these actors have in common?
Kirsty Alley, Christian Slater, Joan Collins, Teri Hatcher (Lois Lane), Jason Alexander (George on Seinfeld), Whoopi Goldberg, Daniel Davis (Niles on The Nanny), Stephanie Beacham, Alan Ruck (Stuart on Spin City).
Answer: they all played a part in one of the Star Trek series or movies.

For those of you who kept thinking "Alexander" (son of Worf on STNG, Brian Bonsall) looks familiar; think wa-a-a-ay back: Family Ties, little Andy....

And for those who watch both "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "Star Trek": yes, Principal Snyder is Quark! And I never thought I would say this, but I like the Ferengi better.

Robin Cook's book Coma, was made in to a movie in the mid 70's. Everyone knows that Michael Douglas played the lead in this movie, but you can also see a very young Tom Selleck in this movie. He is one of the first to die.

Ever seen the tv-series "Bosom Buddies"?
It is a not so funny sitcom about two young men who dress up as women, in order to get a place to live. Not very extraordinary, you'd say, if it weren't for the fact that Tom Hanks plays one of those men.

Of course: Nicholas Cage and Kathleen Turner are the leading man and lady in "When Peggy-Sue got married", but what did you think of Jim Carrey in that one?

At least he had lines in that movie, but check him out in the Dirty Harry movie "The Dead Pool". The very first time we see him, he's dead.

Sticking with people that die early on in a movie; how about "Cliff" (John Ratzenberger) from "Cheers" who died after just two scenes in the movie "A Bridge too Far".

Speaking of this movie, it was largely shot in my hometown, Deventer.
I didn't only meet my husband on a movie set (they used, now dance club, Luxor as an assembly hall, where the troops were briefed), we also got married in one (the hall where the Dutch ask the Germans for a short ceased fire so they can move their wounded).

"Troop Beverly Hills" is a reasonably well known movie with Shelley Long about Beverly Hills' Girl scouts. Here are some other little niceties:
Shelley Morrison a.k.a. "Rosario" from "Will and Grace" had her first experience as wacky made for an even wackyer boss in this movie as "Rosa".
Kellie Martin a.k.a. "Becca" from "Life goes on" and "Lucy Knight" from "ER", is Emily, one of the troop.
Tori Spelling, no explanation needed right?, is "Jamie", one of the "Red Feathers".
Further there are a swarm of Hollywoods famous, like Ted McGinley (Jefferson D'Arcy from "Married with Children"), Cheech, Dr. Joyce Brothers, Pia Zadora, all as themselves.

Shelley Long also made a movie called "The Women of Spring Break" in which her love interest is the ever good looking Ian Ziering, whom we all know and love as "Steve Sanders" from "Beverly Hills 90210".

These facts I collected myself, but I checked them on, THE website for filmbuffs.
If you visit this site you should try finding Bill Clinton and Al Gore (yes, I do mean the former President and Vice-President of the USA).
Also, try your own last name, you never know, you might have famous relatives... (or namesakes).